In the Netherlands, Evert, the amicable creator of a De Verdamper vaporizer, is nothing not exactly a symbol of cannabis development. He can be found at pretty much every public expo and authorization occasion, consistently in the organization of at least one Verdampers. It is likewise nothing unexpected that numerous Dutch coffee shops have a Verdamper in their shop. In this review, we investigate De Verdamper vaporizer.

Design and Looks

De Verdamper vaporizer is very excellent, a great looking vaporizer. Some may consider it a gem. Made in Holland and Czech Republic, De Verdamper is an all-glass vaporizer, aside from the internal warming component, which is artistic/metal. De Verdamper vaporizer will take a gander at home by the great boutique glass, for example, RooR bongs. It has a little green and dark logo on the principal chamber and a book logo on the bowl. These logos are not meddling, and give a pleasant detail to the general appearance.

For the client, De Verdamper vaporizer can look somewhat confusing, with the different glass cylinders, connections, and various pieces. Be that as it may, when its arrangement, the unit looks adjusted and alluring. The Verdamper comes in basic (yet very much cushioned) dark-colored boxes, which is no terrible thing – the substance is what matters. Besides, there is no compelling reason to publicize to the world that it’s a cannabis-related item. A few clients will keep the cases for capacity, as they are the perfect size to guard the unit.

Fume and Taste

The fume created is incredibly thick and intense. With herbs of any sensible quality, the fume will be overcast and plainly noticeable as it goes through the unit. The cylinders, bowl, and chamber are on the whole enormous in diameter, which means there is almost no drag while breathing in. It’s simple to get monstrous hits. The fume is frequently sufficiently able to make the client hack, regardless of whether they are an amateur or quite a while client!


In spite of the fact that it doesn’t have a temperature controller, there is a choice to build the warmth level by covering the highest point of the warming component, either with your hand or via cautiously sitting a little item on top, for example, a glass dish or an aluminum processor. This makes the air travel an alternate way through the warming component, expanding the temperature, and making the fume more grounded. With this strategy, an increasingly ‘smoky’ fume can be created. This can likewise be helpful for specific strains, or hash, that may require a higher temperature to create fume, or for when the herb is excessively dry.

A few clients, favor the more grounded, hack inciting fume that the higher temperature produces. By and by, I don’t utilize the ‘extra hot’ strategy all the time, I discover the fume is very sufficient without it.

Since De Verdamper vaporizer is all-glass, it works admirably of safeguarding the normal taste of the herb and doesn’t confer any undesirable flavors, for example, plastic or metal. The waterworks superbly of chilling of the fume, enabling you to take long, profound hits, giving fabulous flavor.


De Verdamper vaporizer warms the herb equitably and has a positive review from clients. There are no noticeable hotspots like a few vaporizers, the material changes from green to dark-colored uniformly all through the bowl. There is no compelling reason to mix the herb. After use, the herb is a medium-dull dark-colored. A few clients like to re-pound their herb at this stage and set it back into the unit for several additional hits. While this strategy gives some additional proficiency, removing each and every piece of fume, I discover the kind of those last hits have that notorious ‘copied popcorn’ taste, so I wouldn’t generally waste time with this except if I had literally nothing else to place in.


Setting up the vaporizer just because will require some consideration. There are different cylinders and connections that completely should go in the correct spot all together for the unit to work. In any case, when it’s set up, De Verdamper vaporizer is anything but difficult to utilize. The one thing to be cautious about is that the warming component is very hot to the touch – it must be evacuated by utilizing the glass handle running down one side. Most clients will likely consume their fingers in any event once. It is reasonable, given the impacts of the solid fume! The warming component likewise has an obvious admonition message, and the handle is very huge and simple to hold – so this is certifiably not a major issue.

Setting Up

Stacking De Verdamper is simple, you essentially expel the warming component from the top, sit it down in the provided wooden holder, and fill the bowl with your homegrown material. Set the warmer back on top, and you’re all set. Breathe in through the mouthpiece to breathe in the fume. It typically endures a couple of shots before the herbs warm-up and the fume fills the chamber.

By and large, there is a slight expectation to absorb information to this vaporizer, yet nothing to stress over. On the off chance that an accomplished proprietor is giving their companions a chance to attempt it, there is actually no reason to worry about it – only breath in the fume through the mouthpiece that is all they have to know.

Pros and Cons of De Verdamper vaporizer



  • Astounding flavor
  • Easy to clean
  • Pretty looking


  • No temperature controller 
  • Pieces are custom sizes
  • Very delicate

Review of Strength

There are different sizes of De Verdamper accessible, however, even the littler models of De Verdamper are moderately enormous. The producers have utilized thick glass all through, however, the glass will be glass, is still very delicate. The unit would absolutely not endure being dropped from standing stature. In the event that it was tipped over unintentionally, you may have a 50/50 possibility of breakage, however, it’s difficult to state. On the off chance that the client is the ungainly sort, particularly while impaired, this desktop vaporizer probably won’t be the best decision. Likewise, if the client is searching for stealth, De Verdamper is a long way from perfect. It is best for somebody who can serenely leave it arrangement on their footstool, and not need to stress over concealing it when somebody thumps at the entryway!


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