The HerbalAire Vaporizer was a disclosure when it initially turned out, offering an all-around made and wonderful looking vape with constrained air and double whip-swell usefulness at a moderate cost.

Amazingly Well Crafted

Those Canadians are searching for the gold award with the making of the HerbalAire Vaporizer.

Canuck producer Bohdan Petyhyrycz has been in the vaporizer game since 2005 and makes one of the main vaporizers accessible with constrained air innovation and double usefulness.

Totally concealed on most of the different vaporizers of its size, about 20cm (or 7in) in tallness and 10cm (3.5in) in base measurement, you can pick between a wand whip (direct-breathe in silicone tube) or a fume swell connection.

The HerbalAire vaporizer is incredibly all around created. It really is a structure of straightforward excellence that I wouldn’t see any problems to leave sitting on my footstool when the organization appears.

Fan siphons air

Small fans within the HerbalAire vaporizer pump out fume by means of direct breath in or inflatable sack. The special thing about this is the fans’ siphon just when air is constrained through the vaporizer.


In this way, in case you’re not sucking on the wand, or utilizing the vacuum apparatus connection to fill the inflatable sack, don’t stress over having your valuable fume getting away without being delighted in.

The HerbalAire vaporizer is warmed by a wire-warming component, which can tend to get extremely hot. Be that as it may, in light of the fact that the external shell is produced using Teflon (Yes! I said “Teflon”), the warmth is contained, taking into consideration an entirely open to vaping background.

Let us review the temperature

The temperature scope of the HerbalAire vaporizer is between 121°C (250°F) and 205°C (400°F).

The agreeable range for the Aire is by all accounts around 190°C (375°F), despite the fact that it can without much of a stretch reach and keep up its greatest temperature on the off chance that you are hoping to take advantage of the herbs you’re vaping. It’s redundant, however.

The HerbalAire vaporizer, which has one basic handle that turns it on and off and controls the temperature, keeps up an exact warmth go.

The HerbalAire vaporizer has a mechanized closed off capacity (as it should) and Bohdan Petyhyrycz has even worked out some kind of atmosphere control include that encourages the HerbalAire to keep up your ideal temperature, regardless of what the meteorologist says.

Review of how it works?

Be that as it may, come to consider it, I’ve never tried some other vaporizer in outrageous conditions either. Perhaps I’ll test one outside in the center of winter.

As I’ve referenced in other vaporizer reviews, I’m not very enthusiastic about additional parts. Be that as it may, I don’t worry about it a lot on the HerbalAire vaporizer. The different connections are genuinely modest and won’t make them lamenting I at any point purchased the thing on the off chance that I need to get a substitution to a great extent.

There’s no mixing up how to turn the HerbalAire vaporizer on and off either. It’s the equivalent of the siphon. A switch on the vaporizer turns it on and sets the temperature. A switch reporting in the real-time siphon, if utilizing the inflatable sack, kills the air on and. That is it. No pressure. No wreckage.

HerbalAire Vaporizer and its ‘removable fill chamber’

I truly like the removable fill chamber. No requirement for additional little scooper or whatever. Utilize the removable filling chamber itself for pressing your puff. Making the filling chamber removable makes the Aire much simpler to spotless too. It has a positive review from customers.

Pros and Cons of HerbalAire Vaporizer



  • Size: this unit is genuinely little, and at just around 7 inches tall, is exceptionally unnoticeable. It does, nonetheless, have a nine to twelve-foot long harmony, so you never need to stress over arriving at an outlet.
  • Warming Up: this unit will warmth to any temperature you set it to in less than two minutes. What’s more, with a temperature extend from 250⁰F to 400⁰F, you will never need to stress over your herbs combusting with this vape.
  • Fume Quality: the nature of the fume that you can get from this unit is stunning. A few people very much want it over the Volcano, which is ostensibly the best vaporizer at present available.
  • Adaptability: offering three distinctive vaporization alternatives, this vape is unquestionably the “across the board” bundle. You can do pretty much anything with this vaporizer.
  • Cost: at $200 for the H2.2, you truly can’t turn out badly with this unit. It outflanks increasingly costly and bulkier models at a less expensive cost. In addition, who doesn’t care for setting aside cash?
  • Strength: this unit has a Teflon body to guarantee it doesn’t get excessively hot, and as indicated by the producer, as long as you keep the unit clean (a straightforward procedure) you ought to never have an issue with it. Individuals have actually taken the unit by the string, swung it around, and crushed it onto concrete. There were no issues with the unit subsequently, demonstrating the extraordinary sturdiness this unit holds.
  • Guarantee: with a three-year maker’s guarantee, you can rest sufficiently realizing that your Desktop vaporizer is secured from harm.


  • Smell: this vaporizer is smellier than most units, so on the off chance that you are vaping something like a weed in a non-therapeutically or non-recreationally lawful state, if you don’t mind remember this.
  • Sacks: the packs will in general set aside a long effort to fill (1-2 minutes). It doesn’t take longer than most pack vapes, however, individuals (like me) will, in general, be fretful.


The cost is correct. The HerbalAire vaporizer will cost you about $249 (US)/€220. I imagine that is an extraordinary cost for such a little, strong, dependable and pleasantly planned vaporizer.

It warms up rapidly, vapes relentlessly, and gives both of you approaches to make the most of your herbs. What’s more, you’re not committed to bear parts you needn’t bother with. I have one issue with the inflatable when filling it; it does apparently take perpetually to top off. That is my lone apprehension. In any case, that is it.


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