Made in the USA and planned by two previous NASA builds, the Herbalizer vaporizer cerebrums + looks combo is pulling in sparkling prevailing press inclusion.

In light of current circumstances – the Herbalizer vaporizer does everything the best vapes available can improve. This implies vapor therapy and fragrance based treatment in one gadget, for expand, whip with fan-help, or free-form mists from dry herbs or concentrated concentrates.

That it has been curiously carefully conceived is clear before the Herbalizer vaporizer is even out of the container. This is Apple-quality bundling, and the gadget itself doesn’t baffle when it rises (prompt the dry ice.

Structured by two previous NASA builds, the Herbalizer packs enough tech into its appealing egg shape to take itself to the moon and back. Fortunately.  

So, let’s move towards its review.

 Egg with Smartness to Match

Shut, the Herbalizer vaporizer is an investigation in even, egg-like effortlessness that sits on your table like some Star Trek delight arch, balanced and good to go.

Opening the clamshell top, the white inside, basic interface and shading LCD screen change the Herbalizer into a true blue clinical gadget. By and large, its perfect style inferred something out of an elite Swiss facility.

In the event that this makes the Herbie sound somewhat sterile, have confidence that the gadget is receptive and material, an exquisite expansion to any family unit. The 2-inch LCD screen conveys minimal persuasive proclamations (“375 degrees is extraordinary for cleaning house”) and tips for use on firing up.

They come in harmony

Prototyped with 3D printing, the equipment is pressed inside with an effectiveness and strength you could just anticipate from satellite architects, which Josh Young and Bob Pratt were before turning their gifts to vape structure.

Herbalizer Vaporizer Performance

It sort of bodes well: the two businesses grapple with limits of temperature, pressing however much usefulness into as little a space as could reasonably be expected, and making an item they expectation will be crazy.

Unmatched warm up

Snapping in the 8-foot power link and flipping open the cover, you pick the vapor therapy alternative by tapping the catch and setting the temperature required, showed on a shading LCD screen however squeezing + or – .

Flicker and you’ll miss the warmth up; No other home-vape can approach the Herbalizer’s 10-second (or less) heat-up time, even at the most extreme 445 F. The machine warms actually at the speed of light, conveying exact, quick warmth from a light.

What number of designers to change a light?

The AroMed is the main other gadget that has attempted this supposedly. Be that as it may, Herbie’s is no ordinary light yet a hand crafted 300-watt halogen quartz light – what might be compared to pressing a little develop light into your vaporizer.

Outside surface temperature of the light arrives at 800 degrees Fahrenheit. That is double the temperature required for successful vaporization, so it’s significant that the light turns on just when required and for no longer than completely important.

Outfitting the brute inside

To precisely control such power, the Herbalizer depends on a warmth sensor (thermocouple) arranged between the bulb and the security screen to get an exact temperature perusing just before the sight-seeing flows into the attractively connected bowl.

Herbalizer Vaporizer Battery

The specially constructed thermocouple has an appraised exactness of 0.1% and float of under 0.1F every year. Found legitimately underneath the bowl region in the immediate air way, it identifies temperature changes in a small amount of a second.

Structured by two previous NASA builds, the Herbalizer packs enough tech into its appealing egg shape to take itself to the moon and back. Thankfully.

Business as usual

To ensure the machine adheres to your picked temperature (somewhere in the range of 290 and 445 degrees Fahrenheit), it utilizes restrictive programming to quickly flip the light on and off the brief instant more warmth is required, in addition to a committed fan.

Together, they empower extraction levels and force of understanding to be precisely aligned and rehashed like no other vape has overseen beforehand. The Herbalizer versus the Volcano is an intriguing examination. As we would like to think it beats even the Volcano in any metric you want to quantify.

Superior parts are for the most part well overall, however the framework must be aligned appropriately for them to work in show. Each Herbalizer unit is aligned separately before leaving the USA plant in San Diego

Fan Review

The fan isn’t prominent; I really thought that it was tranquil with its experience background noise, and it has a calm mode when aromatherapizing on the off chance that you need to get extremely genuine and add some reflection to the blend.

As a matter of fact, I discover later there are 3 fans in the gadget: a committed sack filling fan for the inflatable and as whip help, a framework cooling fan to keep the temperature of the wind current steady, and a fan for the fragrant healing capacity, which has its very own air pathway. Simply one more case of the bright advanced science that has gone into the Herbalizer.

Full on, the Herbalizer vaporizer conveys 9 liters for each moment for helped whip inward breath, expand filling or for fragrance based treatment oil dispersion.

The Balloon: Up, Up and Away

The bowl’s spout associates with the one-piece inflatables with a delicate elastic mouthpiece that is pressed to open. It doesn’t have any pieces to sever or pull, making it lighter and less difficult than the Volcano. The fume was crisp, untainted and cool.

Whip is genuinely great

The whip is 3-feet in length, which means you’re not compelled to slouch over the gadget likewise with most other whip vapes. Its mouthpiece sits set up like an encouraging hookah pipe, yet is produced using dark, white silicone tubing. It is housed when not being used in the edge around the open gadget.

Vaporizer Maintenance

I found at first that it will in general flip itself out and upset shutting the top. There’s a sure skill to it, and I am guaranteed by the producers that with use it gets simpler. However, that is my lone analysis of a generally uncommon item.

Structured by two previous NASA builds, the Herbalizer packs enough tech into its appealing egg shape to take itself to the moon and back. Fortunately.

Fragrance based treatment

More than fulfilled, I trickled a couple of drops of rosemary oil on one of the wire cushions and popped it in the herb chamber, changed to fragrant healing mode and not exclusively was the room de-fugged in minutes, I got the opportunity to appreciate the synergistic impacts of basic oils with dried herb drug.

One of two aromapads utilized for basic oils in fragrance based treatment mode

Despite the fact that not an underlying objective, this has through the span of the Herbalizer vaporizer’s advancement become a key research heading for the producers. The gadget’s exactness guarantees a totally different period of non-cannabinoid herb use.

Abundance of Hidden Peripherals

Inside the cover, a concealed mezzanine compartment contains a liberal reserve box, bright ‘charge card’ herb grater, a little container of home grown basic oil, a cleaning brush and two or three little wire cushions onto which the fundamental oils (or cannabis concentrates like wax and break) are acquainted with the warmth chamber.

Visa Herb Grater Review

Other than their utility, these peripherals add to the general want to play and associate with the Herbalizer. I’m certain once it’s a piece of your home you’ll see it turns into a focal point and friendly exchange. I absolutely missed my Herbie when it was removed for its photograph shoot.

Structured by two previous NASA designs, the Herbalizer packs enough tech into its alluring egg shape to take itself to the moon and back. Thankfully.

Herb Chamber: Good On-Off-capacity

The two-section herb chamber comprises of an attractive base that snaps onto the sight-seeing supply and holds the herb or oil cushion, in addition to a screw on spout top. The two components are protected with an elastic ring, so no scorched fingers.

The spout screws on with a quarter turn effectively, even with confined hand finesse. Filling (fine to medium granulate) and evacuation are simple, as is cleaning.

Proficient and Clean Machine

Furthermore, in reality, all materials are of restorative evaluation; I encountered positively no out-gassing, even right out the crate. The fume was of the most excellent whether from whip or inflatable.

The exactness and steadiness of the Herbalizer vaporizer’s warmth makes herb and concentrate utilize too effective, which won’t just set aside you cash, it vows to change the manner in which you consider vaporization as we’ve discovered in this review.

Vaporizer Quality

Constrained by a 32MHz 16-piece processor – enough to run a PC in the mid-90s! – The Herbalizer is the world’s first real smartvape. Shrewd additional items incorporate a 3-pivot tilt sensor (a message on the LCD asks to you set it back level when it’s tilted more than 30 degrees, while closing off warmth and fans)? A light sensor that naturally alters the brilliance of the screen contingent upon encompassing light in the room?

Herbalizer Vaporizer: A step into the future

Taking everything into account, the Herbalizer vaporizer is the bravest combination of structure and capacity yet found in any Desktop vaporizer. It’s a genuine developmental jump that experienced almost four years of reasoning, tinkering and testing before discharge.

Offering most extreme adaptability and unrivaled fume quality, the Herbalizer isn’t modest however it is reasonably evaluated at $729. It accompanies a 2-year constrained guarantee and 5-year quality assurance, while NASA-standard pressure testing proposes the bulb will last in any event 20 years! Best spot to get one is from the approved merchant legitimately as they have brilliant client assistance and offer a considerable amount of extra things.


  • Generally excellent fume quality; one of the best as far as exhibition
  • Is prepared to vape a lot quicker than others
  • Best in class temperature control framework that is exceptionally precise


  • Pricey; might be distant for some vape fans
  • At the point when the cooling fan goes ahead, it very well may be boisterous
  • Included cleaning brush is of low quality, yet this is a minor protest

Battery Review

Ending this reviews on the note that, right now its just accessible running off 120V (US and Canada), the boffins are taking a shot at a 240V variant for discharge in mid-2015 (or sooner). In the event that you can hardly wait, you’ll have (to be protected) a 500W transformer to run it in Europe.


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