The Hyer Big-E changes over your glass water pipe into a torchless apparatus, offering a benevolent and flexible approach to disintegrate concentrates without a light.

Instead of the blowtorch is a 30W clay warming component. It can arrive at temps up to 852F, however doesn’t consume material like a light. The tears are smoother. What’s more, they can be “redid” utilizing a wide scope of exact temperatures.

The Big-E rig is the primary gadget of its sort. It’s in fact an extra, yet offers substantially more than its class proposes. It makes sessions one serious parcel simpler, conveying the enormous tears of a glass rig in a more secure, increasingly advantageous way.


The Hyer Big-E has experienced a progression of upgrades over the previous year. Hyer experienced more than thirty models before landing at the completed item. They even enabled various pundits to give their apparatus a trial, utilizing their criticism to make enhancements.

The most recent model is genuinely simple to utilize, however there might be an expectation to absorb information the first occasion when you take it for a turn.

Hyer Big-E Structure

To begin, simply rest your glass pipe on the docking station, which highlights elastic ribs for cushioning, and fix the flexible cinch around it.

The cinch opens or closes when you curve the handle clockwise or counterclockwise, so you can change for whatever size channel you have. The clip holds the funnel immovably set up, yet has elastic cushions to ensure the glass.

Hyer Big-E fits pipes enormous and little. The all out width of the docking station is just shy of 6 inches. The littlest channel it will fit has a base width of around 3 1/2 inches. The biggest is 5 ½ inches. This range suits 90% of all level based water pipes.

When your funnel is clipped in, plug the removable warming component into the female association underneath the nail. You’ll locate this female connector on every one of the bangers included with the Hyer Big-E. It’s made explicitly so you can fit the warming component directly under the nail. Once embedded, you can pick a temperature and start tearing.

Fume Production

Smooth, tasty, clean, and mean. This depicts the fume nature of the Hyer Big-E to a tee. Burning can’t contend with this degree of accuracy. Instead of combusting your wax at diabolical temperatures, you can spot at lower temperatures that concentrate more intensity and flavor. All things considered, the individuals who love colossal tears can flip up to 852F.

We prescribe warming somewhere in the range of 345F and 400F for the best fume quality. Lower temperatures around 345F are going to pull more flavor and impacts while disintegrating simply enough material. On the off chance that you go above 400F, you’ll begin to see more cruelty and less flavor. That is an indication of burning.

The warming component is made of high evaluation earthenware and the dish is made of 100% quartz. The two materials are known for their flavor-getting capacities. They’re incredibly heat safe so your fume stays unadulterated.

Hyer Big-E Temperature Control

Hyer Big-E gives you substantially more authority over your spots than a light. Pick any temp somewhere in the range of 320F and 825F, a tremendous range containing all the perfect temperatures for various flavor and strength levels, just as the enactment temperatures for explicit mixes found in wax concentrates.

You can flip through temperatures by squeezing the “+” or “- ” catch, or you can hold one catch down to bounce in augmentations of 10. The temperature will be shown on the screen and will reflect changes progressively. Simply press the power button once you’ve landed at your temperature, and the unit will start warming.

(Pick an exact temperature up to 852F.)

Warmth up time is genuinely quick, moving at a pace of around 10 degrees for each second. When your picked temperature is come to, the Hyer Big-E will vibrate to tell you it’s a great opportunity to spot.

What’s extraordinary about the Big-E is that it will settle temperature all through your session. On the off chance that you pick 350F, that is the temp at which you’ll really be touching.

Hyer Big-E Usability

Is the Hyer Big-E simple to utilize? Indeed. After the main couple utilizes, it’ll feel natural. The interface is basic, making it simple to control on and change temperature. What’s more, the showcase keeps you educated about current temperature just as what number of sessions you have left on the battery before you have to energize.

The customizable clasp is anything but difficult to make sense of. Simply curve the handle left or right to extricate or extend. The main issue with this arrangement is that the handle is situated underneath one of the braces. As you augment, the clasp really runs into your fingers. Not the apocalypse, yet a slight block.

Appending the warming component is likewise a breeze. The component embeds into the female association underneath the nail, held cozily there by elastic grommets. The power link joined to the component embeds into a port on the docking station. You’ll need to ensure the glass pipe is situated so that the banger nail is over this port. That way the link can arrive at it.

For included accommodation, an auto-shutoff highlight kills the unit if it’s inactive for a specific period of time, yet just when it’s not connected. This preserves wax and battery control. In the event that the unit is connected, it can run for around 6 hours without closing off.

By and large this is an easy to use adornment once you get its hang. All things considered, this is a one-of-kind gadget, so directly out of the case you may begin scratching your head. Not to stress. What looks out for the opposite side of a little expectation to absorb information is an overly simple approach to spot. A lot quicker, cleaner, more secure, and more productive than burning.

Hyer Big-E Transportability

This is as versatile as a glass touch rig gets. You don’t need to carry around a butane burn. Nor do you should be connected. The Hyer Big-E can work remotely so you can haul it around.

This gadget has home-utilize composed on top of it. You can’t shroud it in broad daylight like some enails. However, you can haul it around or pass it to a companion a lot simpler than when utilizing a light.

We prescribe having a capacity pack for the Hyer Big-E and adornments on the off chance that you need to travel. The quartz bangers and connectors particularly need security.

What’s in the Box?

The Hyer Big-E accompanies an assortment of connectors so you can change over whatever glass pipe you claim to a torchless touch rig. You additionally get charging links and a couple touching extras. Here’s a rundown of everything in the case:

Hyer Big-E box
  • 14mm female connector banger
  • 14mm male connector banger
  • 14mm to 18mm female connector
  • 30W removable artistic warming component
  • USB C charging link
  • Keen Switch charging link
  • 4 330mAh Li-particle batteries
  • Quartz carb device
  • Hyer tangle

The included frill feel unequivocally fabricated and take care of business. The connectors are particularly useful, as you can change over practically any glass pipe, regardless of whether it has a male, female, 14mm, or 18mm association.

There are a couple of mystery highlights to observe. The first is a wax holder. It is situated on the left half of the docking station. This little dark bring forth can be destroyed open to uncover a capacity area for your concentrates. A pleasant touch. It is made of nourishment grade elastic, and can be cleaned with isopropyl liquor.

The subsequent Easter egg has to do with the small scale USB charging port on the rear of the docking station. You can really charge your cell phone or different gadgets from this port with the privilege charging link.


  • Secure fit to anticipate harm
  • Totally electronic and torchless activity
  • Exact warming controls
  • Takes into consideration versatile spotting


  • Warmth up time is more than 90 seconds
  • Show can be hard to peruse once in a while

Bottom Line

In case you’re hoping to lose the light and deal with your touch sessions, this desktop vaporizer is the correct device.

You’ll appreciate preferable water filtration over the standard enail, which normal highlights littler bubbler connections. The dampness molding will be a level up with bigger glass pipes.

You’ll likewise get granular command over your touching temperatures, empowering you to investigate a wide range of fume profiles. The measure of opportunity you get over power, thickness, and flavor genuinely enables your sessions.


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