Even though Atmos Raw Vaporizer has tiny size, you will be amazed at how a small vaporizer can deliver a significant measure of fume at the press of the catch. Its loops are replaceable and produced with a 601 stringing. With raw vaporizer lithium-particle 650mAH battery, you can appreciate vaping active concentrate for a few sessions. It utilizes a 5-Click Battery Lock innovation for the best-improved execution.

Atmos Raw is an excellent convenient vaporizer with a wellspring pen-style, which is the reason it is known as a pen vape. Its structure is smooth, smooth, and topical. Its movability is fantastic, and it is anything but difficult to hold and helpful to utilize while vaping. The Atmos is intended to furnish the most fundamental capacities with a single catch. It is similarly accessible in around eight distinct hues – red, dark, white, green, and some more.

  • The temperature gets hot.
  • Small room in the warming chamber.
  • The extra accomplice to isolate the botanicals from the warming component is offered as an extra.
  • Work and screen will appear in general drop out.
  • Produces smoke, so it isn’t scentless in any way (consider it an electronic pipe)

What’s In The Package?


This review shows that the vaporizer comes with:

  • Atmos Raw Pen Vaporizer
  • Atmos Raw Battery
  • Clay warming chamber
  • Chamber connector
  • Clay channel
  • Work channel and spring
  • Elastic mouthpiece
  • Cleaning brush
  • Pressing instrument
  • Divider connector
  • USB link

Fume Quality

This is the place where the Atmos makes its first incredibly wrong turn. Prior you may have seen we considered the Atmos Raw a “vaporizer.” The quotes were no incident. This unit neglects to work as a vaporizer in even the most fundamental of ways. Your herbs like pot will wind up either sitting right over the warming curl or pushed against it by the spring on the off chance that you use it when gathering your unit, however in any case, and the loop will warmth up to stunning temperatures in negligible milliseconds and Atmos Raw Vaporizer WILL BURN YOUR HERB. Also, this isn’t just when utilized, as they’ve coordinated in the client manual either. Any way you attempt to use the unit, the outcome will consistently be thick smoke and dark debris. The fume is unforgiving, hot, and suggests a flavor like you’re licking within Willie Nelson’s multi-year old, un-cleaned pipe.


There is genuinely one catch on the unit. It couldn’t get simpler to use on that level with the exclusion of the way that the score is so secretively structured on the group that it’s difficult to find in everything except the most splendid conditions or the idea that utilizing the pen for its planned motivation behind disintegrating is necessarily outlandish.

OK, so it’s harder than you’d expect from the outset. Capacity is as essential as some other pen vaporizer, and a solitary catch push can actuate the unit’s warming curl and start the procedure. Cleaning is an entirely different story. Utilization of the brush that accompanies the collection gets basic after each usage as the consuming your herbs like pot makes a lot of buildup grow right away. After a couple of uses, the load becomes gunked up, and the pathway will build up a robust resinous taste.

Size And Power

The atmos vaporizer remains at 5 inches tall, with about a half-inch distance across — the battery charges in around 2 hours, which is genuinely quicker when contrasted with the Trippy Stix. When the battery is wholly energized, it can keep going for long periods of constant use. It gives around 60 attracts one charge, when contrasted with different vapes for dry mixes. The fast 5-second warming occasions ensure that your fume is prepared once you need to draw some more.

The battery is charged utilizing a USB link, associated with the packaged suitable charger. This makes it simple to charge using your workstation or to be accused of your other USB chargers.

Highlights And Options

This review shows that the unit is comprised of three pieces, and all screwed together. The temperature can’t be balanced, and there is just one button. Burden up the stacking chamber, and screw everything back to maintain a strategic distance from any mishandlings. Press the catch for single seconds to fire up the warming chamber, and you are a great idea to take in your fume.

Although the Atmos Raw Vaporizer just ideas on temperature, it warms up rapidly. In any case, a few clients report that the AtmosRx is entirely hot to be utilized as a vaporizer. Most clients state that it really creates smoke and not fume. In like manner, it isn’t unscented because it legitimately consumes the herbs directly inside the warming chamber.

Even though this vape is versatile, it’s still on the bulkier side when contrasted with different vaporizers. It may look careful, yet there is a light at the base of the vaporizer.

Assembling Build And Quality

This review shows that the Atmos Raw Vaporizer is, in reality, exceptionally durable, yet enhancements should even now be possible. The screen and the metalwork effectively drop out. Losing one of them would imply that the herbs may go together with the fume. The earthenware coating of the warming chamber likewise will in general chip.

The structure is, in reality, awful, because the warming component is directly underneath the stacking chamber. This consumes the herbs as opposed to transforming them into fume. This is particularly baffling since the unit is intended to be a vaporizer and not a smoke maker.

Cleaning And Maintainance

Since the Atmos Pen can without much of a stretch be unscrewed, cleaning the mouthpiece and the warming chamber should be possible independently. Continuously make sure to evacuate any unused or consumed herbs to keep up the ideal fume and flavor quality.

Continuously make sure to disengage the battery before cleaning it. Likewise, don’t contact the warming component. On the off chance that the channel should be cleaned, utilize a paper cut or a stick to jab the openings, at that point delicately wipe away the rest to guarantee a spotless air pathway.

The flexible mouthpiece can be cleaned utilizing a moist paper towel and some cotton swabs. The spring and the channel can likewise be expelled forcefully, so everything that is inside the unit can be cleaned frequently.

Atmos Raw Vaporizer Warranty

This review shows that the Atmos Raw vaporizer center has a 3-month guarantee. The batteries additionally have a 3-month warranty.

Pros And Cons:


  • Reduced and lightweight
  • Simple to utilize
  • Made in the USA
  • Enduring battery
  • Auto close off following 9 seconds of being inactive.
  • Charges using USB
  • Attentive
  • Gives around 60 with one charge
  • Loads very quick


  • Awful design.
  • Combusts the herbs, and produces smoke – not fume.

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