In this review, we will discuss a vaporizer in the shape of an asthma inhaler. Puffit Vaporizer sounds like the ideal stealth vape to me. In any case, is stealthiness enough to compete in the market of portable vaporizers? We altogether tried this shiny new portable and gave specific consideration to taste and effectiveness, which we are going to elaborate on in this review. With an appearance suggestive of a medicinal inhaler, the compact Puffit Vaporizer is the ninja of versatile vapes. You would have to read this Puffit Vaporizer review to discover what’s truly up with this charming little vape.

In this review, we would tell you what distinguishes this portable from the group is the way that Puffit Vaporizer consolidates an inner fan. It’s surprising to find that Discreet Vape, creators of the Puffit Vaporizer line of portable vaporizers, was the first to come up with a forced-air vaporizer. As a rule, forced air is an idea held for module vapes like the Volcano vaporizers, which require an inner fan to fill inflatables brimming with vapor. While the Puffit Vaporizer won’t load any vape sacks, its interior fan does a high activity of disposing of any draw opposition. Unlike different portables, you won’t feel like you’re sucking through a straw when you go to take a drag.

It’s about what you’d expect as the size of a conventional inhaler. In light of this review, you shouldn’t experience any difficulty stuffing Puffit Vaporizer in your pocket when it’s an excellent opportunity to go. Weight-wise, Puffit Vaporizer is one of the lightest around 87 grams.

Pros And Cons Of A Puffit Vaporizer

In this review, we would go through the pros and cons of a Puffit Vaporizer.

Pros Of Using Puffit Vaporizer:

  • Composability

The packaging of the Puffit Vaporizer made out of hard plastic, giving it a general durable feel. At the base, the mouthpiece is secured by a hard plastic top. Removing this top uncovers the mouthpiece, just as the temperature control switch (a dial wheelset apart with 1-8) and the smaller than usual USB port for charging. To get to the last two, there is another plastic top that should be taken off. This ‘mouthpiece’ can likewise be swapped for hygienic reasons.

The Puffit Vaporizer accompanies three mouthpieces, a USB charging link, a neoprene carrying sack, a metal cleaning/pressing apparatus, additional screens, a silicon warmth shield, an herb mixing connection, and an illustrated user manual.

  • Usability

In this Puffit Vaporizer review, we would discuss how the working of it is very simple. If you want to fill the bowl, the top can be turned in a 90-degree point and taken off. The container holds around .25 grams of shredded herb.

Taking the plastic top off the base enables the client to peer inside the mouthpiece, where there is an LED marker light. This LED is essential for the working of the Puffit Vaporizer, as it indicates when the portable is on (red), warming up (flashes red) and when the chosen temperature has been attained (green).

After filling the bowl and removing the base top, drive the top for around 2 seconds. The LED will streak while the portable is warming up. When Puffit Vaporizer is at the chosen temperature, the LED turns green. There is presently a 15-second window to draw, after which the Puffit Vaporizer will change to remain by mode once more. To restart the warming up procedure, push the top once more.

At temperature setting 7, which compares with 405 degrees Fahrenheit (205°C), warming up takes around 20 seconds. When going for a second cycle a while later, you’ll need to hold on for approximately 10 to 15 seconds for Puffit Vaporizer to warm up.

  • Battery

Concerning the battery, in this review, a wholly energized battery keeps going in the range of 15 and 20 cycles (or massive hits) at temperature settings 7 to 8. Charging by USB takes around two hours. In any case, to expand the battery life, it is prescribed to charge the battery of Puffit Vaporizer as regularly as could be allowed, regardless of whether it’s not entirely drained.

If you read this review, it would not be hard for you to become acquainted with the working of the Puffit Vaporizer. Something else to consider is that you’ll need to watch out for the marker light because the 15-second time is anything but difficult to overlook. The Teflon piece on the top part gets warm, yet not very hot to hold I’d encourage to keep it appended to the top.

  • Vapor And Taste

In this Puffit Vaporizer review considering taste to be a critical factor, I was shocked by the flavor of Puffit Vaporizer. There is no awful plastic or rubbery taste or smell. Why this shocked me? Mostly because there are no glass parts, and from the start, the portable feels very ‘plasticky.’

The initial two hits are tasty, and with the sautéing of the herb Vaporizer, the flavor blurs to an extent, gradually transforming into popcorn taste.

With around .1 gram of finely ground and pressed herb, I was not able to produce noticeable vapor, even at the unique temperature setting. Pushing the bowl and utilizing temperature setting 7 or 8 created some noticeable mists – a lot as per the general inclination of my smoker companions. Leaning toward lower temperatures myself, I’ve been utilizing setting 6 or 7, as this appears to give the best taste.

When discharging the bowl, the darker shading demonstrates that the herb has warmed uniformly, and there wasn’t any burning.

  • Proficiency and Durability

As expressed in the Puffit Vaporizer review, it does a proficient work of vaporizing your herbs. The temperature settings appear to be just about right, there is no burning, and the flavor of the vapor is magnificent. The portable comprises of numerous plastic parts, yet the body is hard enough to get hammered. The part that is most inclined to get harm would be the top catch/bowl, which feels somewhat delicate.

We are also going to discuss in this review, as far as transportation goes, the neoprene conveying bag works admirably at securing the Puffit Vaporizer when you’re not utilizing it.

Cons Of Using Puffit Vaporizer:

  • Cleaning

We are also going to discuss in this review the only con of the Puffit Vaporizer. Cleaning the Puffit vaporizer is a little tricky. The screen in the bowl has to be taken utilizing a wooden toothpick or tweezers, and a small delicate brush will get a large portion of the free flotsam and jetsam out. A bit of delicate fabric and iso liquor will deal with the buildup. It is essential to keep the screen of the Puffit Vaporizer cleaned to keep the gaps from obstructing the wind current.

Keeping in mind its durability, taste, usability, and many other pros, we also discussed the only con of Puffit Vaporizer in this Puffit Vaporizer Review. Great things don’t come easy, but Puffit Vaporizer does, with only one little complexity of cleaning.


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