In this Arizer Air Vaporizer review, we understand that the it is a compact cross breed conduction/convection vaporizer made by the organization Arizer. It is the fresher adaptation of the Solo. Arizer likewise makes the Extreme Q work area vape. It has some huge upgrades over the Solo similar to measure and the battery framework, yet the vapor quality and configuration are practically indistinguishable.

In this review, we understand that the Arizer Air Vaporizer still can utilize your old GonG connectors, which is excellent for individuals like us since we can use our old hydro tubes from the Solo with the new Air. The glass mouthpieces for the original Arizer Air Vaporizer are a similar size as the old ones from the Solo also. We genuinely like that they made everything exchangeable.


 One of our basic grievances about the Solo was the size of the unit, particularly when the glass mouthpiece was associated; however, it has unraveled this issue. In this review, we fathom that the Arizer Air Vaporizer can fit effectively in your pocket, and you can even leave the littlest mouthpiece connected. It requires a little more deep pockets than typical, yet it is conceivable. We can palm it for attentiveness, and the included skin makes it overly simple to hang on as well.

In this review, we grasp that it currently accompanies many alternatives to the extent of mouthpieces, GonG connectors, and hydro tubes, so we’ll list the tallness with every extra.

Included with the Arizer Air Vaporizer are the Short, Medium, and Large Mouthpieces.

  • Arizer Air (No connections) – 4.8 inches tall x 1.14 crawls in width
  • Short Mouthpiece – 6.5 inches tall
  • Medium Mouthpiece – 7 inches tall
  • Large Mouthpiece – 8.75 inches tall
  • GonG Adapter and Hydrotube – 10.6 inches tall


In this Arizer Air Vaporizer review, we fathom that the Arizer Air Vaporizer utilizes an artistic warming component with five distinctive temperature determinations running from 338 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a drop-down from the past Solo model, which had seven unique temps going from 122 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. So the temps are significantly more dense, and custom fitted explicitly for dry herbs. We want to begin on green, which is 374F, and knock up to orange (393F) later on in our session.

Arizer Air Vaporizer Performance

In this Arizer Air Vaporizer review, we demonstrate that the Arizer Air Vaporizer temperature settings are:

  • 180C/356F (Blue)
  • 190C/374F (White)
  • 200C/392F (Green)
  • 205C/401F (Orange)
  • 210C/410F (Red)


The Arizer Air Vaporizer warming chamber is substantially equivalent to the Solo utilizing a top-notch fired chamber. Shockingly the more current, littler stems have a plastic screw-on mouthpiece with the goal that sort of wipes out the all-glass vapor way include yet the new stems are likewise a small amount of the size. You get some, and you lose some. We can generally get around .2 grams of dry herb in the bowl, and this is useful for numerous individuals and bounty for one. The Solo glass stems and GonG connectors are likewise utterly compatible with the new Arizer Air Vaporizer.

Arizer Air Vaporizer Battery

It has another battery framework, the average life has dropped a considerable amount contrasted with the Solo. Presently the structure itself is vastly improved since it utilizes one replaceable 18650 internal battery-powered li-particle battery. We like the possibility of removable batteries for day trips, climbing, and snowboarding. This is the proper arrangement as the haze, however, with a single cell and no charging dock.

This review additionally accompanies the uplifting news that you can get extra 18650’s from Arizer, and they will discharge a charging dock here soon. We haven’t taken any long excursions with the Arizer Air Vaporizer; however, so far around the house, we can get around 3-4, 12-15 moment sessions before the battery kicks the bucket. The Arizer Air Vaporizer takes around 2 ½ hours to energize from dead, and the Air offers to go through charging after around a 20 moment starting charge.


This review demonstrates that we genuinely like the measure of extras that accompanies the Air. It truly finishes the whole bundle, and you can advise that they set aside the effort to ensure we had all that we need. You get three several glass stems, a smooth conveying case that can join to a belt like a Leatherman, and a defensive silicone skin. The skin makes it extremely simple to grasp and assists with the more sultry temps at the highest point of the unit.

Solo Owners

In this review, we grasp that the Arizer Air Vaporizer has some conventional enhancements over the Solo. The greatest being the size and transportability of the unit. If you efficiently hold the Solo and need a progressively versatile unit, at that point, grabbing the Arizer Air Vaporizer is certifiably not an ill-conceived notion. It’s fundamentally a similar unit in a little shell with a replaceable battery framework. The majority of our connectors swap effectively between the two groups, and you will get the same incredible taste and vapor generation with the Arizer Air Vaporizer that you’re used to with the Solo. The Solo battery does keep going about twice as long, yet you can’t swap in another cell and continue onward on the off chance that it passes on.

Pros And Cons of Arizer Air Vaporizer

This review likewise exhibits the pros and cons of the Arizer Air Vaporizer:

Arizer air vaporizer kit


  • Higher vapor quantity, flavor, and energy
  • Top-quality ceramic heating chamber with a lifetime warranty
  • Removable battery for easy replacing
  • You can vape while you recharge the battery
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Only one button to operate


  • 1 of the more valuable handheld units
  • Glass stem needs cleansing periodically
  • Glass parts can crack easily
  • Vapor runs on the hot side
  • Not as even as you’d expect at this price point
  • Larger in size than others


This review synopses that The Arizer Air has undoubtedly fixed the principle grumblings we had with the Solo, which are the overall dimension and the charging structure. It’s presently pocketable and utilizes replaceable 18650’s.

This review also demonstrates that the vapor quality is excellent for the initial couple of hits yet decreases decently fast like the Solo. You can get colossal mists, particularly on the off chance that you get the GonG connector w/Hydrotube.

In this review, we indeed suggest the Arizer Air Vaporizer, on the off chance that you need a decent versatile and best vaporizer for the most part home use with the capacity to include a few connections for home use.


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