The AirVape XS mixes low tech and high in a durable, metal assemblage of striking smallness. It keeps the essential shape and type of the first, however, it is about a third smaller henceforth its name-Xtra Small).

The outcome is a moderate, beautiful plan delivering extraordinary tasting, cool vapor with a simple draw, actually rapidly. Other critical changes incorporate a battery helped from 1100 mAh to 1300 mAh, the pre-set clock is currently movable, the screen is twice as enormous and vibration cautions have been included.

Manufacture Quality and Design of AirVape XS

Airvape XS Design

Immediately I was truly dazzled with the vibe of this one. It has an exceptionally strong metal shell now, not plastic, and it certainly looks and feels increasingly rich and tough.

The structure factor is in reality quite extraordinary, it’s little and light and the level plan makes it simple to hold and furthermore advantageous to store.

In general, the shape, size, and weight of AirVape XS are directly in accordance with what I search for in a decent versatile vape, and it’s more compact than the first one.

Usability of AirVape XS

Airvape XS Usability

Vapes that are anything but difficult to utilize truly make the entire experience progressively pleasant, and this AirVape XS isn’t entangled in any way, fledglings will get great outcomes immediately.

The glass mouthpiece at the top hauls right out and the stove or herb chamber is underneath that inside.

Just pack the load full with finely ground herb, pack it down a touch, at that point drive the mouthpiece back in and turn the unit on.

Set your temperature with the all-over bolts, I prescribe beginning at about 355°F and gradually stirring your way up from that point on the off chance that you need more vapor.

When the unit warms up, which just takes 30 seconds, you simply start taking draws from it and the session will last around 10 minutes.

Execution and Vapor Quality of AirVape XS

Airvape XS Quality

The AirVape XS has a clay stove which is not the same as the primary model and furthermore from a ton of different vapes. It advances in any event, warming of your material and furthermore helps keep the taste pleasant and clean.

There’s a cool screen framework in the mouthpiece that channels the vapor through a specific way and keeps it from going directly from the stove to your mouth.

This keeps the vapor cooler and progressively agreeable and has a major effect when contrasted with less expensive models that don’t have something like this inherent. It demonstrates to me they gave fine consideration to detail, and they improved the vapor quality, which I like a great deal.

What you need to accomplish for best execution is first to crush your herbs decent and fine, at that point over-load the broiler and pack it down so it winds up being even with the top edge of the chamber.

You don’t need your herb free and skimming around in the load, you need it decent and cozy in there.

The vapor creation is, in reality, awesome, I was shocked, it unquestionably plays out significantly superior to the first. Also, you know what else is cool? There’s not a ton of draw obstruction, which means it’s not as difficult to pull from as some others – I truly like this.

Setting the temperature low will give you smoother vapor and a superior taste yet you won’t get very as a lot of unmistakable vapor. On the off chance that you need huge mists, you’ll have to set the warmth at or above generally 380°F, and the main thing that truly gets yielded when you raise the temp is the smoothness. This is regular with most vapes however and I ordinarily don’t suggest vaping at exceptionally high temps at any rate.

Vibration Alert and Auto Shut-off Timer

Airvape XS Vibration

I like this element a great deal, the AirVape XS vibrates! It’s by all account not the only one out there that does this however I feel it makes the vaping background a minor piece better.

So the unit additionally has a programmed stopped clock – each time you turn the vape on there is a commencement clock on the screen that starts at 3 minutes. All things considered, you alter it from 3 to 5 mins, and you can do this by squeezing the up and center catch until it changes.

You’ll feel the vape vibrate when you first turn it on, and afterward, you’ll feel it vibrate again when it arrives at your set temperature. Presently what I like a great deal is that you’ll additionally feel it vibrate when the unit stops after the clock, so you won’t be left hanging with a vape that isn’t even on and not understand it.

Pros and Cons of AirVape XS


  • Exceptionally practical cost
  • Better than expected vapor smoothness and flavor at low warmth settings
  • Easy to utilize
  • No genuine draw obstruction
  • Pocket estimated
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Exact advanced temperature controls


  • Vapor quality can be unforgiving at high-temperature settings
  • Vapor is slender at low settings

Final Thoughts on AirVape XS

At $180 it’s better than expected in many territories contrasted with different vapes in this value extend, and I’m truly intrigued by what number of upgrades they had the option to make with this new form, credit folks!

AirVape XS is little, light and gorgeous, and it’s very simple to utilize. In case you’re searching for a decent compact and you like the structure of this one I think you’ll be exceptionally happy with it and truly burrow how it functions.

Customer Review:

‘From the outset, I thought I had discovered my best vaporizer. I cherished it inside and out. In any case, at that point, it stopped up during a sesh in a faintly lit room and I lost a modest bit of the mouthpiece attempting to clear it. I paid the ten bucks for another mouthpiece and again I lost a piece. Hello AIRVAPE!!! YOU’RE DEALING WITH STONERS! Try not to give me three modest metal sorts that just sit freely out inside a rubbery band and that obstruct effectively! Fix that issue and you will control the world. In the interim, I wish I could recover my cash.” – Sean


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