Just like the Volcano vape, the Crafty Vaporizer is reviewed as the best in the category of a personal vaporizer. The same company makes the Storz and Bickel’s Crafty Vaporizer as the Volcano, and you can, without a doubt, consider it the Volcano of portable vapes. This perfect quality model gives terrific vapor quality and has an iPhone app that enables you to control its temperature effortlessly. The cons of this portable are not many. Next, we would take a plunge into the p’s and q’s of the Crafty Vaporizer in this review.

Keep reading this review if you want to learn about the functioning of this vaporizer, by the end of this article you ensure you that you will have a complete outline about this product.

Pros and Cons of Crafty Vaporizer

We offer you the pros and cons of it that will help you learn the functioning of this vaporizer more easily. The given pros and cons will help you make the right decision about this vaporizer if you are considering to buy it for use.


Crafty Vaporizer Benefits

Let’s review the pros of the Crafty Vaporizer.

  • Reputation

In the Crafty Vaporizer review, the Vaporizer gets rated good for its reputation. The compact portable delivers pure, extraordinary tasting vapor and is extremely productive. The performance equals the results that are conceivable with many standard desktop models, making this probably the best vaporizers for the people who need to have the to vape whenever they get a chance without trading off the quality of experience.

  • Guarantee

According to Storz and Bickel’s review, they guarantee the Crafty Vaporizer for two entire years, longer than any other portable vapes, and longer than most Vaporizer pens. What’s astounding about Crafty Vaporizer is that it outlasts those two years guaranteed by Storz and Bickel.

  • Prep Time

The Crafty Vaporizer is ready to use in 90 seconds at the most minimal temperature and 2 minutes at its higher temperature setting. It is practically better than most portable Vaporizers with adjustable temperature settings; nonetheless, it will take the Crafty Vaporizer longer to warm up than the 5 to 10 seconds that you need to sit tight for most dry herb vape pens. The Crafty Vaporizer is extremely simple to set up. Dry herbs shouldn’t be ground extremely fine before use, which accelerates preparation time. It also comes with a filling device that reduces the risk of spills and waste when you’re stacking the heating chamber.

  • Portability, Size
Crafty Vaporizer Accessories

Let’s talk about its size and portability, in this Crafty Vaporizer review. Averaging 4.3 inches in length, 2.2 inches large, 1.3 inches in width, the Crafty Vaporizer fits into your hand. Contrasted with other portable vapes, it falls directly in the center as far as its size. This portable is somewhat simple to store, and until you raise the mouthpiece, it is hard to review precisely what this portable is, which makes it a compact vape alternative.

  • Ease of Use

 It has a direct plan with buttons, LED markers, and vibration pointers that make it simple to use. Honestly, reviewing drawing may take some practice to consummate, as a long draw is expected to get a delightful measure of vapor. This portable has a programmed shutoff feature that is short at only 1 minute; nonetheless, the vaporizer can detect when you’re drawing more and will reset the clock. If it shuts off, it will vibrate to caution you, and it gets hot again within a couple of minutes of being powered back on.

  •  Heating and Temperature Regulators

In this Crafty Vaporizer review, we would also go through the vented structure; it doesn’t become hot to touch in a way different portables can. The dry herb vaporizer has two temperatures settings- – Normal (356 degrees Fahrenheit) and Boost (383 degrees Fahrenheit)– – and most people will find these sufficient. In contrast to different portables, the preset temperatures are customizable using an iPhone application accessible from the Storz and Bickel. The app enables you to screen the temperature within the Crafty continuously, another helpful feature. The temperature controllers in the portable vape are incredibly advanced and function to keep the Crafty Vaporizer in range. If you set it at the correct temperature, you are probably not going to experience burning.

  • Power Supply

Powered by an internal battery, the Crafty Vaporizer can keep running for around 45 minutes on a single charge. It is a shorter life span than what’s conceivable from other reviews, upon comparison with other versatile vapes. It is understandable; however, to vape, while the portable is charging, the battery has been recharged past 20-minute. You’ll require around 2 hours for a complete charge, which is reasonable.

  • Smelliness

I can’t stress this enough in this Crafty Vaporizer review; this has proved out to be the strongest point of the it that it can produce big clouds that hit like a truck.


Crafty Vaporizer Usability

Let’s elucidate on the cons of the Crafty Vaporizer, in this review.

  • Price

More costly than general portables. Retailing for $429, the Crafty is one of the most expensive portable vapes available today. It would likely not be the best decision for somebody who has just got into vaping, and isn’t sure if they want to pursue with it; be that as it may, the Portable vaporizer for dry herbs is an excellent investment for vape lovers because of its quality and reputation as depicted underneath, in this review.

  • Short Battery Life Expectancy

Keeping in mind every beneficial aspect of this it, in this review, let’s talk about the short battery life expectancy of this portable. This vaporizer has a short battery life which can be an important downside of this vaporizer but on the bright side, you can vape while your Crafty Vaporizer is charging.

  • Short Programmed Shutoff Feature

A short programmed shutoff feature could be a little inconvenient, but if you look on the bright side, this quick programmed shutoff button can help you save the battery of your Crafty Vaporizer.


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