Each vaporist needs to begin some place, and for some, it is with a Flowermate Vaporizer marked vaporizer.

Coming in at a sensible value point, convenience, and solid convenientce, they are a typical staple for some vaporizer clients.

Flowermate presented a little, utilitarian unit into their lineup with the Flowermate Vaporizer v5.0s Mini, taking every one of the characteristics from the Flowermate Vaporizer v5.0s and contracting them down to a considerably more minimal bundle.

Highlights and How the Flowermate Vaporizer Mini v5.0s Works


The Flowermate Vaporizer Mini is a simple to utilize, moderate interpretation of a vaporizer. It has three warmth settings coming it at:

  • 385F/195C
  • 400F/205C
  • 415F/212C

Every temperature is spoken to by a LED encompassing the main catch as blue, purple, and red individually.

That sole catch is utilized to control on the unit with 5 ticks and to alter the temperature with a long press.

When controlling on the unit for the start of a session, it will default to the most minimal setting (Blue, 385F/195C) and glimmer, showing that it is warming up. At the point when the encompassing LED is never again blazing, it shows that the unit has arrived at working temperature.

When modifying the temperature with a long press, hold the conservative until the LED shows the following warmth setting. At the point when at the top warmth setting and the catch is held down once more, it will circle back to the most reduced warmth setting.

Truly, this unit is amazingly simple to utilize:

Basically slide the stem out from its stockpiling place on the base side of the vaporizer, load your material, screw the stem on the best, 5 ticks on, and you’re almost prepared to vape.

It doesn’t get a lot simpler to begin than that. The unit is altogether encased and the main parts that are being used are the stem, button, and sliding defensive entryways on the top and base of the unit.

Warming Chamber and Capacity


The Mini uses an artistic warming chamber that will vaporize your material through conduction. About 0.2 grams of finely ground material can fit into this vaporizer and it is prescribed to softly pack down the material to give the best vape experience.

Since it is conduction, the better the crush, for the most part the more your material will be uniformly vaped because of the surface region in contact with the artistic chamber.

I don’t commonly like pressing the chamber altogether full, however that is essentially for my own utilization case. I appreciate utilizing around 0.1 grams of material, or only a squeeze, and this vape does fine and dandy with that.

For the thickest, best vapor, pressing 0.2 grams is ideal.

Warm up time

The warm up time on the Flowermate Vaporizer Mini is about normal for a little, conduction based compact. At the point when completely energized, it takes around a moment from off to arriving at the most minimal working temperature.

The time between warmth settings is genuinely sensible at around 10-20 seconds when expanding temperature.

The Flowermate Vaporizer Mini likewise has a worked in session clock set for 5 minutes, beginning promptly when it is turned on. A positive with the 5 moment session time is on the off chance that you start to utilize the unit yet become occupied or absent minded, it won’t totally vaporize your material when saved.

Honestly, there is a disadvantage to these 5 moment sessions being begun when controlled on; if the gadget, out of the blue, takes longer than expected to warmth up, the real time you spend in a session will be decreased, however more on that talked about in battery life segment of this audit.

To warm the vape after the clock stop, hold the traditional for 3 seconds and it will start to warmth back to the temp you left off at. In the event that you get the clock immediately, there is around 5-10 seconds of warm time subsequent to, contingent upon how much warmth was lost by the unit.


There are many helpful embellishments for the Mini too including a water pipe connector, dry tanks, and wax tanks.

The water pipe connector is phenomenal and will oblige any 14mm or 18mm male or female joint.

The dry tanks are extraordinary for pre-pressing burdens and having the option to keep the chamber clean. A little con is that they lessen the chamber size and noticeable vapor generation, yet at the same time give an entirely decent encounter.

I for one possibly utilize these when I am in a hurry or going to away from home for some time. They are little hardened steel compartments that you stuff your material into and just spot into the chamber.

Any Smell?

Flowermate Vaporizer Battery

All vaporizers produce smell, in any event, when just warming up, and the Flowermate Vaporizer Mini is no special case.

It isn’t the smelliest vaporizer to exist, and still altogether less rotten than combusting, however remember that when the unit is warming up and when it is on, it will transmit a scent.

It doesn’t wait for a really long time nonetheless, and can for the most part be limited assuming outside or in an all-around ventilated room.


Maintenance on this vaporizer isn’t terrible, however it unquestionably is compulsory. I normally clean the vaporizer at least once every week, contingent upon the amount I have been utilizing it (remember this is my day by day driver right now).

The chamber will darker after some time, yet I have been told this is normal, and after a fast ISO and Q-Tip swab, is by and large as spotless as it will get.

Vapor Quality

For a little, economical conduction vaporizer, this vape puts out really great vapor.

Presently, this won’t confront very good quality portables like the Storz and Bickel Crafty, yet remember it likewise retails at about 33% of the cost.

I normally start the session off enduring a couple of shots on the most reduced temp setting and the flavor is really useful for the initial 4 to 5 draws. After I’ve had a couple of tasty puffs, I by and large knock it up to mechanism for the rest of my session.

I don’t generally go to the 5 moment session clock, yet frequently in the event that I need a more extended session, or I am imparting to a companion, I’ll normally give it a chance to keep running until the auto shut off.

To utilize this unit on the most elevated setting, a waterpipe is commonly a smart thought as the short vapor way can deliver hot, dry, and awkward hits. You can utilize it through a water device at any temperature be that as it may and accomplish great outcomes:

Battery Life

It is promoted to contain a 2600 mAh Li-particle battery and last around 2 hours. All things considered, I would state I can get in the 10 sessions for each charge run, yet I more often than not keep it charged however much as could be expected.

Presently, prior I noticed how it might take more time to warmth up and that is emphatically influenced by battery charge. The explanation I for the most part keep my unit as charged as conceivable is that it takes essentially longer to warmth up the lower the battery gets.

An adequately huge con also is there is no chance to get of determining what the present charge of your gadget is. A huge professional anyway is the reality you can at present utilize the vaporizer in any event, when it is charging, which is entirely pleasant.

The Flowermate Vaporizer Mini accuses of a standard miniaturized scale USB association situated on the base of the unit and can in reality serve as a versatile battery manage an account with the USB type B association on the highest point of the unit.

Pros & Cons of the Flowermate Vaporizer Mini

Flowermate Vaporizer Pros and Cons


  • The Mini is truly little and truly versatile!
  • Convenience. Easy for a tenderfoot to get and begin vaping.
  • Versatile battery bank. Extraordinary reinforcement for charging your different gadgets.
  • This unit is a quite minimal effort unit to start vaporizing.
  • Helpful frill.


  • No battery marker.
  • Decreased execution relying upon charge.
  • Taste isn’t in the same class as a better quality unit, however you get what you pay for.
  • Not the most proficient.
  • Moderately visit upkeep is required to keep this vape performing great.

Last Thoughts

Truly, you can’t turn out badly with a Flowermate Vaporizer Mini v5.0s. It ticks enough of the privilege boxes and has been my day by day driver for at any rate a half year.

It is an incredible early on vape and won’t disillusion with sensible desires, particularly given the value point.

It might be sufficient for certain clients, particularly the individuals who don’t vape frequently, yet it might leave others needing more.

Generally speaking, I would rate this as a strong 4/5 and would prescribe the Flowermate Vaporizer Mini to other people.


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