FlashVAPE is the quickest working vape available today, each puff did in 5 seconds level! No warm-up time required; it works immediately!

For the most part, when moving toward another vape plan just because it’s a decent trial of the instinct of utilization to check whether you can get the gadget up and vaping without taking a gander at the manual.

So when the FlashVAPE landed in a dark-colored box with no manual, this was not a reason for frenzy. In any case, on taking the gadget out, my underlying response was – what the heck is this? Answer: the craziest looking vape gadget, with no discernible method of activity.

First Experience

I began to turn and pull and the strong metal dark staff step by step broke into pieces to uncover a battery compartment, a glass window that dropped out, enormous clay squares, and networks.

Where does the herb go? How would you breathe in? I felt like one of the chimps from 2001: A Space Odyssey, slamming a stone with a bone before tossing it noticeable all around with disappointment.

How it Works?

Fortunately, human insight took over from visually impaired bumbling; I put the entire thing back together, made sense of where the herb goes (answer: a gigantic, 1 inch-inclining bowl encompassed by the fired center and warming component, and got to by a wind off area).


The bowl can hold herbs or strong concentrates and vapor are gone through a replaceable screen to enter the inward breath chamber. You can see the vapor structure through the safety glass window (that possibly turns out when you unscrew its verifying ring for cleaning).

Starting 5 Seconds Flashvape

You switch the gadget on with a catch in the base of the FlashVAPE, and a second catch on the head is squeezed for only 5 seconds to make the vapor. Think ‘electric lamp’ and the press-to-vape catch is the place the spotlight switch would be.

Short glass stem openings into a little vapor leave gap in the side of the vapor chamber with the guide of an elastic seal.

Clean Air Path

The gadget uses licensed Direct-flow side air admissions to guarantee a 100% clean airway. The air you take in goes straightforwardly into the earthenware vape center, bypassing every single other compartment, for example, battery, switches, and wiring.

The Ceramic Dura-core is the core of the FlashVAPE. Positively fabricated and totally perfect, it is warmed by a 100% hardened steel component with a replaceable top screen.

This is warmed by high limit Li-particle (LiFePo4) batteries for expanded go through (as long as 1-hour use on each charge, or useful for 2-3 dishes on a solitary charge). Moreover, A flexible module connector makes the FV accessible whenever at home or in a hurry.

Different Colors

It’s a stunning smooth structure, accessible in dark, weapon metal, silver or rose gold models, each produced using an unadulterated anodized aluminum composite body and a 100% earthenware center.

The FlashVAPE can be dismantled and cleaned effectively and can be dunked in isopropyl liquor up to the base of the fired center (counting the tempered steel warming component) for simple cleaning! It accompanies a two Year worldwide guarantee.

How to Use FlashVape

There’s an expectation to learn and adapt before you can get the vapor sums perfectly, and a scope of strategies: press the on the catch for 5 seconds and breathe in, or keep the catch discouraged while breathing in, or utilize short beats of warmth and take little tastes.

The manner in which you pick, the vapor is spotless, delicious and unadulterated, and when you hit the herb without flaw, liberal billows of it.

The FlashVAPE Vaporizer Portable Deluxe Set lands with 2 x hi – limit 3.2v Li-particle batteries, 1 x Smart Quick Charger, 2 x glass draw tubes, 2 x draw tube Replacement Seals, 1x multi-reason brush, and a velvet conveying pack.

Pros and Cons of FlashVape



  • Basic plan and simple to utilize
  • Moderate value: $129.99
  • Simple to clean. 
  • There is for all intents and purposes no warm-up time required, 2-3 seconds is all.
  • Battery endures longer than numerous convenient vaporizers (particularly those using comparable batteries)
  • Made totally of sheltered and quality materials. All artistic and treated steel airway.
  • Accompanies a 2-year guarantee on the unit and a 90-day guarantee on the batteries.
  • The ergonomic structure makes the FV agreeable to hold.
  • Works with dry herbs and strong concentrates


  • Vapor quality is exceptionally conflicting and too hot as a general rule (in any event, when utilizing propelled procedures).
  • Makes your mouth dry out rapidly on account of the hot vapor. I would not suggest for those with delicate throats or lungs.
  • You can arrive at burning with this vaporizer. This can stay away from however is as yet a bother.
  • The expectation to absorb information can mess up new clients (identified with the above point).
  • Heavier and larger than most versatile portable vaporizers available
  • In spite of the fact that it’s versatile, it doesn’t fit in a pocket and you couldn’t bear it with you except if you put it in a satchel or knapsack.
  • Bowl gets filthy rapidly and tinges the taste. It is critical to keep your fired clean the inside of the bowl for scrumptious vapor.
  • The little glass cylinder isn’t the best conveyance framework. The unit should accompany the more extended hose connection for nothing.

Our Final Thoughts about the FlashVAPE

It is clear the group at FlashVAPE put a great deal of consideration into making this vaporizer. It has an extraordinary ergonomic feel and the top-notch materials that were utilized truly increases present expectations for popular vaporizers in this cost range. In spite of the fact that the flavor of the vapor was not actually adequate for us, it has an inseparable tie to the temperature of the unit. In the event that the group at FlashVAPE can make sense of how to place some extra space in the middle of the warming component and the herb, it would help cure this issue.

Customer Reviews:

“The FVPA works extraordinary. The voltage change enables the client to set-up a favored temperature. I discovered setting 3 I had a ton of flavor absent a lot of vapor. I like to get the vapor running so I go around 8-9 and heartbeat it with 3second interims. Enormous mists!” – Ronald

“I simply need to express profound gratitude for the Flashvape, which is making my prescriptions cleaner now. I cherish your item, and will enlighten every one of my companions regarding it!” – Mark

“The (FlashVape) structure is ideal for my day by day use, I can see genuine medical advantages to utilizing this vape.” – Sara


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