The Puffco Peak is bundled in a solid box to guarantee that it gets to shoppers securely. Other than the smooth Puffco Peak Vaporizer gadget, the bundle additionally accompanies a stacking device which increases the degree of operational accommodation. It likewise incorporates a conveying case for simple stockpiling and transport, an additional clay cup, a tie, carb top, and cleaning swabs. The included smaller scale USB link and supercharger ensures that the e-rig doesn’t go off when being used.

Determinations of Puffco Peak Vaporizer

  • Puffco Peak Dab
  • Dimensions 7″ high x 2.75″ base
  • Number of Temperature Presets 4
  • Bowl Material Ceramic
  • Warmth up duration 20 seconds
  • Warranty One year
  • Base Rugged Silicon
  • Normal Battery Life 30 spots
  • Glass Hand-blown borosilicate

Manufacture Quality Review

It is evident that the plan of Puffco Peak is intriguing and brilliant. It is a vaping unit with a cone shape and an implanted water pipe, a vertical figure with a high pinnacle. It is known as a Peak since its cone configuration looks like a mountain as it were.

This unit is just 7″ tall with a 3″ width at the base, making it exceptionally simple to hold with a solitary hand while the buyer vapes. The construct quality feels strong, and the silicon base is extraordinarily sturdy without effectively slipping or tipping. The huge degree of the unit’s weight is assembled at the base territory, counteracting mishaps.

The Puffco Peak is worked with a hand-blown borosilicate glass guaranteeing that the unit is unsusceptible to splitting and furthermore heat-safe. Not at all like the customary e-rigs where the water bubbler and the fired wax container are both separate from the gadget, in the Puffco Peak, are they coordinated, expanding the accommodation. It is upgraded for independent use as it has a solitary front catch that is used for changing the preset temperatures.

Temperature Flexibility

The Puffco Peak is known for its incredible flavors, and buyers appreciate exploring different avenues regarding the settings and shrewd temperature adjustment settings. The center green and orange settings offer the best time, and the most elevated settings of the unit make huge mists. Purchasers can travel through the diverse temperature settings squeezing the catch once.


A low setting (450˚ F) with a > 20 seconds heat-up time will make a little load, while a medium setting (500˚F) with >20 seconds warming time offers a medium load. Then again, purchasers can get a huge burden with the high setting (500˚ F) joined with a >25 seconds heat up time, or an additional heap with the pinnacle setting (600˚ F) and >25 seconds heat-up length.

Considerably more, there is a sesh mode added to build the warming rate for a long 15-second vaping session. This can be utilized for boosting the warmth or offering to companions. Buyers can begin the sesh mode by double-tapping the catch during low fume generation.

Instructions to Use the Puffco Peak

  1. The Puffco Peak unit is a basic e-rig with a quick and simple stacking traveling through the temperature presets. To utilize this unit, buyers essentially need to:
  2. Concentrate the glass bubbler from the base and fill it with water to a point directly over the air openings
  3. Associate the bubbler to the base, at that point click down on the power button for around three seconds to control up the unit
  4. Press the front power catch to experience the temperature resets
  5. Gently contact the wax into the base of the earthenware cup, at that point utilize the included carb top to cover it
  6. Double-tap the front control catch to start the warming procedure
  7. Start vaping by breathing in from the bubbler

Support and Cleaning Review

This Puffco Peak unit is intended to require just a little upkeep as the glass bubbler and earthenware are the significant things that require support, and both can be cleaned effectively. To clean the clay, the client can basically plunge the included cleaning swabs in isopropyl liquor before utilizing them to clean the bowl. To clean the bubbler, empty a little isopropyl liquor into it, wash the liquor around, pour it away, and afterward utilize warm water to flush out the bubbler.

Vapers can likewise clean the gold connector and the atomizer with a cotton swab that has been absorbed iso liquor. The base of the Puffco Peak is electric, so it must not get wet; else, it can harm. Before evacuating the atomizer for cleaning, it is urgent to guarantee that the bowl is cooled. It is ideal to clean the unit after every 20 employments. As the Puffco Peak is low upkeep, buyers are never made a fuss over imparting it to companions during a gathering.


The presentation of this portable vaporizer is really outstanding. Despite the temperature setting, this unit warms up in under thirty seconds, and buyers can begin their vaping sessions right away. As all the warmth is centered around the clay, which is legitimately put at the front of the gadget, clients never must be stressed over the unit getting terrible hot to contact. The situating additionally implies that clients don’t coincidentally contact the vaping bowl while vaping.


The exhibition of the Puffco Peak is progressive with cutting edge highlights, for example, the haptic input and brilliant temperature alignment that can’t be effectively found in other comparative vaporizers. Vapers can depend on the topnotch presentation of the Puffco Peak to give spotless and smooth fumes whether they are home alone or celebrating with companions.

Likewise, the battery execution of this spot e-rig is additionally incredible as it is perfect for length; various sessions as it tends to be utilized for up to thirty touches before reviving is required. Plus, it takes just around two hours for it to arrive at full energize.

Fume Quality Review

With the top-notch water filtration and earthenware, clients can anticipate exactly the best from the Puffco’s fume quality. The artistic cup guarantees that the concentrates are equally warmed without the dread of burning.

The intensity of the fumes is protected, and they stay delightful. On account of the incredible preset temperatures, clients can get their favored flavor quality from the two center settings, the maximum settings or the Peak settings.

Pros and Cons


  • Quick warming span and enduring charge
  • Haptic input
  • It is shareable
  • Enduring charge
  • Cleaning is made simple


  • No exact temperature controls
  • Can’t be used while charging

Last Thoughts

The Puffco Peak is the top decision for the handheld spot rig vaporizers. It is perfect for buyers who want the power and execution of e-nails, yet with the comfort of a vape pen. It conveys brilliant fume quality in a smooth and beautiful bundle that can be effectively held with a solitary hand.


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